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Kinney & Lange P.A. files hundreds of new patent applications each year in a wide variety of technology areas.  Below are a few recently issued U.S. patents for which the firm is listed as the legal representative.

  • 9,174,231 “Sprayer fluid supply with collapsible liner”
  • 9,175,567 “Low loss airfoil platform trailing edge”
  • 9,182,258 “Variable frequency magnetic flowmeter”
  • 9,188,620 “Method of detection and isolation of faults within power conversion and distribution systems”
  • 9,194,027 “Method of forming high strength aluminum alloy parts containing L12 intermetallic dispersoids by ring rolling”
  • 9,200,882 “Contour interval control for an aquatic geographic information system”
  • 9,206,367 “Method for cold stable biojet fuel”
  • 9,212,565 “Rear mounted wash manifold retention system”
  • 9,222,495 “Locking mechanism for movable column”
  • 9,245,092 “System and method for cardiovascular testing”
  • 9,229,459 “Saturation control of magnetic cores of bidirectional devices”
  • 9,321,116 “Cold metal transfer gas metal arc welding apparatus and method of operation”

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