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Recent Patents | Newsletter Vol. 7, Issue 2

Kinney & Lange P.A. files hundreds of new patent applications each year in a wide variety of technology areas. Below are a few recently issued U.S. patents for which the firm is listed as the legal representative.


8,899,872 “Thermoplastic die box with quick height adjustment mechanism”

8,899,916 “Torque frame and asymmetric journal bearing for fan drive gear system”

8.899,910 “Air turbine starter and method for venting without loss of oil”

8,916,075 “Method of making a reinforced resin structure”

8,960,739 “Multi-functional doorstop tool”

8,963,735 “Turbine meter pre-scaling terminal block electronics”

8,960,236 “Bypass piston port and methods of manufacturing a bypass piston port for a series progressive divider valve”

8,959,927 “Pitot tube with increased particle separation for a compressor bleed system of a gas turbine engine”

8,982,056 “Software rotatable displays”

8,985,391 “Vacuum system feed assist mechanism”

8,986,406 “Polycrystalline diamond compact with increased impact resistance”

8,986,238 “Systems and methods for salvaging red blood cells for autotransfusion”

8,994,152 “Metal shield for integrated circuits”

9,004,112 “Method for adhesive bonding plug details for composite structures”

9,010,057 “Self-adhesive panel and method”

9,016,134 “Circular load cell strain sensor configuration”



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