When you select an intellectual property (IP) law firm, the services that add value come to light in the ongoing relationship. Many of Kinney & Lange’s clients are comfortable discussing IP strategies with our attorneys that tie into their overall business objectives. They gain valuable guidance on portfolio management, the merits of a patent filing and also potential infringement issues. Our standard is to provide quality patent searches and application drafting and prosecution. Clients also appreciate our in-depth analysis and simplified communications. Consistent trusted counsel is a powerful advantage.

Patent Applications and Prosecution

Kinney & Lange serves Fortune 50 companies as well as a range of public and private companies and
research-focused academic institutions. The majority of our work is diligent patent application drafting and prosecution with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Clients benefit from our years of knowledge across technologies to manage and defend portfolios. Our attorneys have successfully argued with examiners and in court on behalf of our clients. Careful search and drafting of applications supports a strong legal position for domestic and international filings.

Liaison with Foreign Counsel

Many of Kinney & Lange’s clients have international interests that require counsel and portfolio management with foreign IP attorneys. We have built trusted relationships with foreign counsel in dozens of countries. This includes knowledge of the centralized European examination process as well as patent matters in Asia, Canada, South America, Australia, Mexico and Africa. We can advise on the merits of international patent filings or licensing prior to writing a patent or when managing an existing portfolio. If you have existing foreign counsel, expect a seamless experience with our firm.

Foreign law firms and companies choose Kinney & Lange to support Paris Convention patent applications, PCT national stage patent applications, Madrid Protocol trademark applications, and Hague agreement design applications. We provide quality and insight in the handling of these cases to help you manage resources.

Strategic Advisors

Before advising you on a patent strategy or making recommendations to your IP legal team, Kinney & Lange attorneys seek to understand the underlying business strategies that can support a robust patent portfolio. We care about results in our approach to all IP matters. You will learn what to pay attention to and how to address issues to expedite patent approval and maintain “freedom-to-operate” clearance. Whether you want to launch a product or service or explore a modification, we are available for research, deliberative answers and counsel.

Patent Litigation

In addition, Kinney & Lange offers intellectual property litigation services that include local counsel and pre-trial analysis, “Markman” hearing consultation and representation, expert witness services, settlement and arbitration counsel, court representation and strategies for injunctive relief. We have a long history of prevailing in court based on sound IP analysis and prosecution across a range of technologies. Visit our Litigation page to learn more.

Aligned with patent litigation or as an alternative to litigation, learn more about Kinney & Lange’s post-grant patent practice capabilities on our Post-Issuance Proceedings page