Intellectual Property Licensing

Licensing agreements can provide revenue or strategic access to the intellectual property of others. They can also ease entry into new markets. Agreements with employees, vendors, and competitors can be critical to limiting the challenges and potential exposure associated with conflicts. Kinney & Lange attorneys can help develop IP licensing strategies, draft and review relevant agreements, and guide you through difficult negotiations.

Kinney & Lange attorneys build ongoing relationships with clients through meaningful dialog and help simplify complex intellectual property (IP) legal issues. Our IP attorneys are ready to discuss IP licensing strategies with you that tie into your overall business objectives. We can help you gain valuable guidance on portfolio management for IP asset purchases, joint development projects, IP due diligence in mergers & acquisitions, and licensing arrangements for IP monetization.

Strategic Advisors

Before advising you on a licensing strategy or making recommendations to your IP legal team, Kinney & Lange attorneys seek to understand the underlying business strategies that can support a robust patent portfolio. Whether you need a simple assignment of a single IP property, or have a large portfolio you wish to license, we care about results in our approach to all IP matters.

Drafting and Negotiating Agreements

Kinney & Lange attorneys can assist in negotiating, structuring and drafting licensing agreements for all types of IP, including patents, trademarks and copyrights. We can also draft IP provisions for employment and vendor agreements, including indemnity provisions, and work with other counsel to integrate these provisions into larger agreements.

Sometimes strategic business partnerships require joint development of inventions and other creative works. Kinney & Lange attorneys can help structure joint development agreements to establish ownership rights and allocate potential liabilities.

Foresight in Settlements and Litigation

Kinney & Lange attorneys have experience in IP litigation that allows us to take a long view of IP licensing and acquisition. We understand how to structure settlement agreements that take into account the transfer or license of associated rights, and we can help adapt those agreements to your business objectives. Even if your agreement doesn’t seem contentious, we can provide advice on how it can impact litigation downstream.